Changing over the RSA or DSA key with PuTTY

Run the puttygen.exe application by double tapping the document you downloaded (it shouldn’t be introduced) and select “Import Key” from the “Transformations” menu as displayed in the model screen capture underneath. This will open a standard Windows open exchange; find the RSA or DSA private key record and snap the “Open” button. These documents are generally named something like id_rsa and id_dsa.

On the off chance that the private key record is secured by a passphrase (enthusiastically suggested) you will be incited for this before the key is stacked, as displayed in this next screen capture.




The private key record is currently stacked into PuttyGen as displayed in the screen capture beneath. The public key showed in the “Key” box at the highest point of the screen can be added to the suitable design record on the SSH worker whenever required (ie on the off chance that it has not as of now been done), or shipped off your framework executive to add to the document. Note that despite the fact that it is protected to email the public key created here you ought to never email a private key document.

Note the “Key Comment” as a matter of course will be a like thing “imported-openssh-key”. You should change this to something somewhat more significant, like your name. To save the private key snap the “Save Private Key” fasten and afterward pick a spot to save it utilizing the Windows save exchange. The saved private key will be named with a .ppk augmentation.


Associating with a SSH worker with the private key document:

Since the key has been created we can run PuTTY to associate with the SSH worker. The rudiments of how to arrange PuTTY are shrouded in the main page of this article.

Select the “SSH – > Auth” segment in the left route of the PuTTY arrangement page as displayed in the left circumnavigated district in the screen capture beneath. Then, at that point peruse for the record you made above in the right circumnavigated area. Then, at that point make the wide range of various arrangement settings as suitable for the SSH worker and itemized in the primary page of the article.


At the point when you are prepared to interface click the “Open” button on the principle arrangement page of PuTTY (click the “Meeting” alternative in the passed on route to get back there). At the point when you sign in you will be requested your username as regular when signing in with PuTTY however rather than requesting a secret word you will be incited rather for your passphrase as displayed in the screen capture beneath. Note that it prompts for the passphrase for “John Smith” in this model; this is the name that is set while creating the key in the means point by point above.


Key is of wrong sort Error:

You are endeavoring to interface with a SSH1 worker with a SSH2 created key. Go to the Connection/SSH alternatives page and ensure the “Favored SSH convention adaptation” choice is set to all things considered “2” or “2 in particular”.



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