Instructions to set up and use DSA Page takes care of in Google Ads:

DSA Page takes care of are utilized for Google DSA crusades. DSA crusades depend on the substance on your web and utilizing Page takes care of you can pick explicit URLs as presentation pages. It gives you a benefit to pick just a few URLs, for instance for your successes.


dsa file


DSA Page feed contains URL and a few marks for better sifting in DSA crusades. Yet, you can utilize likewise more data, also. For instance you can utilize these segments (ascribes) in the feed (for each and every item):

  • ID
  • Page URL
  • Custom name


Primary kinds of DSA Page takes care of:

You can utilize distinctive DSA page feed for various reason:

item DSA feed contains item URL presentation pages, and this feed can be utilized for DSA crusades promoting items

classification DSA feed contains classification URL presentation pages, and Google likewise creeps items in the classifications. So utilizing this sort of feed, you can promote classifications and furthermore single items.


dsa feed


CSV record as DSA Page feed-

Before, and furthermore utilized these days, PPC experts use CSV records in Google Ads accounts. You can embed your CSV record here:

You can likewise transfer more information utilizing Google accounting pages or XML feeds and set up recurrence how regularly information ought to be refreshed.


Instructions to utilize DSA Page takes care of:

You have not many choices how to utilize DSA Page takes care of. You can physically embed them into Google Ads account or make custom XML feed dependent on picked items in some outsider instrument, for instance Blue Winston.


For what reason to robotize DSA crusades utilizing takes care of?

To comprehend and be in charge of your information

Information in your item feed are the way to making convincing promotions. You need to ensure you know what you need to tell expected clients. Along these lines, you will comprehend and be in charge of the information in your item feed.

You can likewise utilize custom names for better separating items into crusades. You can choose which items you might want to publicize – items from picked classification, items in some value range, items by some producer and so on


How to mechanize DSA crusades utilizing takes care of in Blue Winston?

It is extremely simple and straightforward. You can utilize any item XML take care of and make DSA crusades in Blue Winston PPC apparatus and afterward transfer into Google Ads. You needn’t bother with any CSV record, Google bookkeeping pages and so forth

In Blue Winston PPC instrument you can undoubtedly make DSA lobbies for various classifications, value ranges and so forth Your URL points of arrival will be utilized as Auto targets. At the point when you mechanize DSA crusades utilizing Blue Winston, it is extremely simple to make Ad Groups for each and every item and search terms will be naturally associated with the appropriate Ad Group (item). And furthermore there is computerized making of new Ad Groups, stopping Ad Groups which aren’t in the feed any longer, extremely simple formation of Ads for all items in the mission and so on

You can likewise make uncommon DSA crusade limited to Product crusade. In limited DSA crusade are publicize just items which don’t have any qualified watchwords in Product crusade.


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